Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dear TVS Menbers

Hope that all of we r generating a handsome amount of penny from this website,as our Admin has conviced us at very begining.
But In reality I have earned only $0.48 within last 62 days.
But My TVS account report shows me that my adsense exposouers is nearly 3000 times and my videos are viewed approx. 4000 times.
Do you have any Idea about this?

Next Post will try to solve this question.
lastly all of ur comment is valuable to us.

What we are expecting from TVS

Hi friends,
I became a member of this TVS (61 days ago).My experience is not too much and I am not a computer programmer.Personally I am a mechanical engineer.Doing my PhD in DCU(Ireland).As a member all of us have to be clear that what we r doing.As our Forum Admin (Pete) was trying to make easier the procedure to e a member of this site.Basically he is trying do the best for this site.And This is a matter of pride to all TVS members.

But,What is our ultimate goal form this site?
1.Share ur moments,videos,music clips
2.Follow the ten steps
3.Earn your revenue from Google Adsense

Am I correct?
Please feel free to write ur comments.



Hi Friends...Have a fun time? No;something is serious behind this TVS.

Its comming on next post.

Keep eyes on this Blog and give ur opinion as a valuable comments