Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dont relay on this type of mail

The Bank Of East Asia Ltd
137 Market Street
Bank of East Asia Building
Singapore 048943

Hello Kabir, Thank you for your reply to my letter. My
tel/fax number is +65-9896-7486. Note, my letter to
you did not say that monies have been left to you.
What I said was that a late investor (DAVID MAMUN),who
may or may not be related to your family left behind
$18,900,000.00 (Eighteen million, Nine hundred
thousand United State dollars) in an investment
account with the bank I work for The Bank Of East Asia
Ltd (BEA). With your collaboration, we can acquire the
funds for ourselves (you included) instead of allowing
it to be passed onto the Singapore government who is
not any qualified than you and I in benefiting from
such a once in a life time opportunity. Beside, the
funds will be shared amongst top government officials.
Since the bank private search for possible beneficiary
for the decease (DAVID MAMUN) which your name and
contact came in with nine others it will be very
possible for this monies to be release to you as the
only surviving beneficiary since the rest of them are
not aware of the claim, officially the bank did not
make any contact with anybody regarding this claim,
that is why we are making contact with you privately
and you must be confidential about this claim not to
put us into problem.

As you would agree with me, we do not know you well.
We are making this proposition to you because of the
relevance of your surname in actualizing this
transaction. Can you in your reply tell us a bit about
yourself to reassure us; FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH,
AND POSTAL ADDRESS (what you do for a living, married
or single, your age, your interest) anything to assure
us that you are a gentle person and that you Would not
disappear with the whole funds once the business is
completed. I called but my English speaking is not
good to explain further details I hope you do
understand me on email, please read this explanation
about the business for better understanding. We are
delighted to find you with a matching surname as the
late investor. However, we will need your continuous
reassurance that after we approve your application and
BEA transfer the funds to your bank account in your
country, you MUST RETURN by way of bank transfer OUR
AGREED percentage (40%/60%, $7,560,000.00 for you and
$$11,340,000.00 for me and my colleagues) and that you
will not disappoint us in this regards. Because once
we approve the payment of the funds to your bank
account, we cannot disapprove it. Our faiths are
virtually in your hands and we hope that you will not
take advantage of this fact. If you and we are both
happy to proceed after you receive this communication,
the following is how this transaction can be best
achieved. According to the banking and the Singapore
laws, to make an inheritance claim of this magnitude,
you must do so through a Singapore based
lawyer/solicitor. If you already have a trusted lawyer
here in Singapore whom you would like to use for this
transaction, you should give us his information for us
to first approve of him before you appoint him/her. On
the other hand, if you do not have a trusted Singapore
based lawyer, we can source for one and relay such
lawyer’s details
to you for you to appoint him/her to act on your
behalf in applying and submitting all the necessary
applications to the relevant departments including BEA
and the courts here in Singapore for the release of
the said funds by wire transfer into your nominated
bank account. For clarity, here are your role and our
role after we have agreed on the lawyer you are to use
for the claim process. These instructions are the only
way we can succeed with this transaction without any
present or future consequences. Bear in mind that I
work with a bank and I know all it take for a
beneficiary to receive inheritance money.
Your Role:
1. We will give you the reference number relating to
the inheritance claim/investment deposit account
reference in BEA.
2. You make contact with the solicitor/lawyer and
instruct him to act on your behalf in the pursuit of
your inheritance claim by giving the Solicitor/lawyer
the inheritance reference number that we will give
3. You must never inform the solicitor/lawyer that you
are working with my colleague and me.
4. Once the solicitor/lawyer put in the claim on your
behalf, your role stops and our role begins.
Our Role:
1. The application goes through the normal application
process for verification and approval with the BEA and
end up with me and my colleagues for final approval.
2. My colleagues and I have people at these
departments to verify and approve the application.
3. After application is approved, payment is issued
out to your nominated bank account and notification
and all relevant papers and certifications stating
that these funds have been released to your bank
account will be forwarded to you via the solicitor who
acted on your behalf. And that is the end of the claim
process. This whole process would take between 7 to 14
working days from start to finish. Once the funds
arrive in your nominated bank account, we (my
colleagues and I) will give you our banking
particulars for you to transfer our share of this
business to, while you retain your share, less any
expenses incurred by both parties. We then shake hands
and part ways and everybody will be happy. If the
above procedures are acceptable to you, say so by
return email. You can also call me to say so too and
we will proceed immediately and the said money
($18.9M) can be release to you in less than 14 days
from now. Note that we all including you is 100% safe
in this inheritance claim because there will be an
Attorney who will perform the entire requirement
legitimately under your control. Thank you, Cheng Koh.

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Gothgril said...

so is this a scam? did he send u that ? did you go thru with it ? did u get any money out of it?...
wow.... so.. is it all a scam??...